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So, you had some misaligned teeth and were lucky enough to get some shiny new braces. Now what? Well, it’s not too difficult to care for teeth with braces on them. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you have braces:

Eating with braces can be tricky and there are foods to avoid. There are a few things to avoid; sticky, chewy, and crunchy. Gummy, chewy foods affect the brackets and can make them break off of the tooth. Instead of taking a bite out of solid food like apple, corn cob, or carrots – simply cut it up. It’s also best to avoid biting on pens, nails, and ice cubes! If the brackets get damaged, it only takes longer to fix them and to complete the process.

Teeth and jaw discomfort with routine adjustments are also a common issue. Some people get concerned because they feel their teeth are shaking or no longer fixed inside the jaws. That’s natural, and the jaw with the adjusted tooth placement will eventually heal the gap between appointments. The same is felt with the lips and inner cheeks, they also adjust with time to give the teeth and the braces space. You may use a mild painkiller if you need it, after consulting your orthodontist.

Oral hygiene is essential when it comes to braces. Nobody likes food stuck in between the braces and teeth, it’s just irritating. Plus, if they are not kept clean, cavities and stains may develop around the braces. A simple, soft-bristled brush with a small head and regular fluoride toothpaste are the best for cleaning if you adequately and efficiently clean the teeth and braces after every meal. Add flossing and you will be the proud owner of flashy, white, and clean braced teeth.