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Getting braces starts a journey to straighter teeth, a more even bite, and a more confident smile. Once you get your braces on, you anxiously wait until the day that they can come off. 

But having braces can alter some of your habits while you have them on. So before getting braces, here are some things you need to know. 

Brushing Your Teeth Matters Even More with Braces

Teeth brushing becomes a little more complicated once braces are on, and your brushing habits may need to change. It’s a good idea, once you have braces, to carry a to-go pack of tooth care. A small toothbrush and toothpaste, along with some floss, can be a lifesaver after meals.

Once you get braces, it’s easier to get food stuck along the brackets and wires. By having something on hand to freshen your teeth, you help protect the surface of your teeth and prevent plaque buildup. It will also help you keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

Getting Your Braces Might Be a Little Uncomfortable

Right off the bat, having brackets cemented to your teeth and wires tugging on them will be a little uncomfortable. It’s the beginning signs that your teeth are starting to adjust. 

It’s an inevitable part of the process, but taking some over-the-counter pain killers before your appointment can help ease the discomfort.

Are You an Athlete with Braces? You’ll Want to Invest in a Mouth Guard

Something you might not consider, especially if you play a contact sport, is the new need for protecting your mouth from contact with braces. Having some friction between the inside of your mouth and the brackets is not usually uncomfortable throughout the day. But playing sports can be aggravating.

If you run the risk of getting hit in the mouth or causing undue pressure against your mouth, you may suffer some irritation. A mouth guard will help protect your mouth and teeth from any damage.

With Braces, You’ll Have to Cut Out Some Foods

Now that you have braces on, you will need to slightly change the foods that you eat. Certain crunchy, sticky, or chewy foods can damage the wires, the brackets, or get stuck in your teeth, which is usually uncomfortable.

It will be a significant change at first, but by making specific alterations to your habits, you’ll cut down on any fixes that may stretch out your time in braces.